With swimsuit season comes  the pubic hair debate, and with so many different ways to remove bikini hair, it can be hard to sort out the best option for you. But fear not, whether you’re wanting to go fully Brazilian bare or just shape things up a bit, there’s totally a strategy out there that’s right.

Also, you may have wholesale bikinis already noticed how is all about body-positive celebrations, and that pride totally extends to pubic hair. Want to learn about the 6 greatest moments in pubic hair history? We’ve got you covered. Curious what your pubic hair says about your personality? Yeah, we went there. SorryNotSorry

Heads up, coming from a girl with super sensitive skin that has ended up with some really sad post-bikini-hair removal rashes, it’s best to quickly chat with your doctor about what method is right for you. It might seem awkward, but trust me, a brief phone call with your doc is ultimately far less awkward than a burning or itching rash down there because your skin had an allergic reaction to a particular wax. Please, learn from my mistakes so that my suffering can serve some greater purpose! OK, thanks. Onward.

Here are the 5 best ways to remove bikini hair this summer.

1. WaxingObviously a popular choice, waxing at a salon or home works for either a little shaping or going bare. gives great details on how to prepare for waxing down there. The two biggest tips? Make sure you’re in a sterile environment and that your hair is at least 1/4 of an inch long. Dirty salons open you up to a huge risk for scary infections, so do your research for the most reputable one possible!

2. ShavingGillette Venus Bikini Kit, $10, Walmart

Ah shaving, my budget-friendly, usually sensitive skin-friendly method of choice. I’m no pubic hair shaping connoisseur, but shaving works out for me just fine as long as I use a brand new razor every time, and pick a hypoallergenic clear shaving gel. has a few more tips on this method, including hanging out in the hot shower for a few minutes so the steam softens your hair follicles, and always shaving in the direction of hair growth to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. 3. Laser Hair RemovalIf you can afford it, laser hair removal might just be the best, least painful option out there. warns not to be lured by discount deals at laser spas, but to always seek out a certified dermatologist. One session generally costs about $200.

4. Depilatory CreamsNair Sensitive Bikini Cream, $4, Amazon

These creams work to dissolve hair down to the skin, and then you can wipe it away for easy removal. Given they’re chemical based creams, this is another option where I’d call your doctor first or, at the very least, do a “test” section of skin to make sure you don’t have a reaction. Let’s be real, who wants a chemical burn down there?


At 5’7, 167 classic new balance shoes 574 pounds, former Ole Miss running back Jeff Scott doesn’t have the build of a prototypical NFL running back. But for a team looking for a speedy playmaker who is willing to line up wherever he’s asked, the Miami native says he’s worth a draft pick.

Due to size concerns and an injury-hampered senior season, Scott isn’t expected to hear his name called on draft day. After running for 846 yards and six touchdowns as junior, leg injuries in the back half of his senior season limited him to 493 yards and two touchdowns. When healthy, however, Scott showed electric speed and a propensity for the dramatic. His 75-yard touchdown run in the final minute against Vanderbilt sealed Ole Miss’s opening victory, and his 73-yard punt return against Texas provided the momentum shift the Rebels needed to grab a huge early-season win in Austin.

For a team willing to look past  his dimensions, Scott could prove a dangerous weapon at the next level. He sat down with to discuss his draft preparation, a possible position change and his thoughts on the growing prevalence of spread concepts in the NFL.

Where  are you nowadays? How are you preparing for the draft?

NFL Draft Not just throwing dartsDanny  Kelly •A behind-the-scenes look at the NFL scouting process, and how players ultimately land on each team’s draft board. NFL Draft Not just throwing dartsI’m in Oxford. I’m in school pushing to get my degree. I’m a general studies major and my minor is psychology and criminal justice.

I’m training with my strength and conditioning coach, Paul Jackson. We’re training five days out of the week. I’m basically preparing stuff like my 40 yard dash and vertical jump. Basically just working on what we’ll do on pro day. And I’m meeting with my track coach about twice a week. Everything’s going pretty good. I feel pretty confident.

Do you expect to be drafted?I’m not sure exactly how the draft is going to go. I’m not sure if I’ll go late or go free agent. I just played in the College All Star Bowl a week ago in South Carolina. I had a pretty good game. Right after that game, I was on the way back to Oxford, and I got a call from the Rams. They told me they’d given me a pretty good draft grade.

What do you say to those that believe you’re too small to play in the NFL?I’ve been playing football since I was a kid and I’ve been hearing that all my life. It doesn’t really affect me. I just play my game, you know what I mean? I had a pretty successful career at Ole Miss playing in the SEC. I don’t really pay attention to that when people say I’m undersized because I know I have drive and I have heart. I just use it for motivation. I just go out of my way to work harder and prove that I’m durable and that I can handle it.

Its time for us to cheap lingerie sites make a few valentines lingerie choices and we’ve decided to go down the babydoll theme as we’re really into our babydolls right now!

Here’s 7 choices for all sizes of pockets and attitudes that would be great to wear on Valentines night. Remember its on a Saturday this year so you’ll get a lie in Sunday morning!

Ayten Gasson Julia Silk BabydollAyten Gasson Julia Silk Babydoll

Our first choice is a little bit of luxury from Ayten Gasson. The Julia babydoll is made from luxurious silk with gorgeous English made lace adoring the cups. We love the open front that closes with a little ribbon tie. Its currently priced at £78 and you can buy online from .

Fantasy Lace Bodice BabydollFantasy Lace Bodice Babydoll

Choice number 2 is a fun and very pretty babydoll that reminds us a little bit of the 60’s. It’s a little bit naughty with the very low cut front and hug ribbon between the cups and it also comes with a string. Its currently priced at £23.99 and you can buy online from .

Lise Charmel BabydollLise Charmel Babydoll

Now this really is something special. We absolutely love the red embroidery around the neckline and the sheer tulle that makes this babydoll extremely sexy and seductive. Its pure luxury and right now in the sale at just £91. You can buy from .

Seven’til Midnight Magenta BabydollMagenta Babydoll

Something for the more adventurous. This bright pink babydoll looks fantastic with its open front and open cups that give up an awful lot but not quite everything! Its comes with the matching thong and is priced at £29.95. You can buy online from .

Mimi Holliday Oyster Whippy BabydollOyster Whippy Babydoll

This was one of our daily Likes the other week and we still absolutely love it. Oyster Whippy babydoll is a little bit of pure luxury from Mimi Holliday and we love all the lace, the ice pink satin and the fact it has a bit of a retro feel with the front opening clasp. Its currently priced at £126 and you can buy online from .

Beauty Night Babydoll

Another babydoll that we think has a a bit of a retro feel to it with the mini skirt look and big wide halter neck strap. We love the lace of the cups, the huge bow and being in white it would make it a great item for valentines or honeymoon night. Its currently priced at £28.99 and you can buy online from .

Nichole De Carle Opal BabydollNichole de Carle Opal Babydoll

Finally we’ve chosen an cheap lingerie sites item from Nichole de Carle that bridges the gap between babydoll and slip and looks fantastic. Its elegant and very sexy with the see through front panel and very deep neckline. The back has cross over twin straps and a very low cut back. Its priced right now in the sale at £88 and you can buy online from .

OK, so the title of this post cheap lingerie sites probably isn’t totally fair but from what I’ve heard at a lot of the recent Summer trade shows ‘boring’ could be close to the truth.

Like many bloggers we’ve been trundling round the Summer trade shows, meeting designers and PR people and viewing the new SS14 collections. A lot of the brands we spoke to had recently been in the USA trying to sell their wares and expand into new markets and we kept hearing a the same thing over and over again.

One of the brands reps we spoke to said she got really fed up with hearing Nude or Black. I’m not mentioning any names but this brand offers a wonderful range of original prints, bold colours and beautiful pastel reds and blues and after all the effort they went to all they heard time and time again was “Does it come in nude or black”. Hardly anyone was interested in the prints or colours, they just wanted Nude or Black!

Now this wasn’t just random people saying nude or black this was store owners and lingerie buyers, the people who stock the shelves of American lingerie stores so if all they want is Nude and Black, is that was the average American woman wants?

We are spoilt for choice here in Europe. Whenever a new brand hits our Inbox we can see it oozes inspiration from France, Italy and many other European nations and we hardly ever see Nude or Black and when we do see black it’s usually full of lace and cut extremely sensually. The trend here in the UK right now is that if you want to show off some lingerie make it bright and bold or with wonderful prints. I get the impression talking to different brands its not the same in the US.

Another one of the brands we had a chat with did some mystery shopping whilst they were in the states and time and time again they came across the phrase “You know what would suit you, a t-shirt bra in nude or black”. That’s all they got sold in a lot of stores, its what was recommended. Forget laces, prints and embroidery, forget great colours, plunges and push-ups what you need is a simple black or nude T Shirt bra!

Here in the UK I hardly ever get basic t-shirt bra styles end up in the Inbox, everything has a cut about it, a sensual feel, lace, embroidery and a gorgeous look. You can’t possibly feel like you’re wearing fantastic lingerie when its a nude or black T Shirt bra. Granted there is always room for a good t-shirt bra in your drawer but this isn’t the only style that’s available!

Maybe I’m being a cheap lingerie sites bit unfair. I’ve seen some lovely looking lingerie from the US but not nearly as much as I do from Europe and UK designers in particular have bee coming up with some really original styles over the past couple of years. All I’m doing is passing on a trend that I heard a lot from a number of people.

An awkward cheap lingerie sites exchange is taking place at the till of a lingerie shop in the hyper-modern Al Faisaliah shopping mall in downtown Riyadh. A male sales assistant is advising a veiled woman on the benefits of buying a pink, lacy under-wear set, as she listens with her head bowed.

Half a mile down the road, in the women-only section of the Kingdom Tower mall, one of the few places in which a woman can work on the shop floor, things are distinctly more relaxed.

Fardos, a Palestinian shop assistant, stands smiling in a sharp suit and a T-shirt with the word “Babe” emblazoned across her chest, and points to the sexy negligees in the boutique, “Boudoir”. “Women come in here and try on these wonderful things. They ask me what looks good on them and what doesn’t. Do you think they feel as comfortable when a man serves them?” she asked.

Her question is one that is dividing Saudi society, after a government edict broke with tradition and ordered lingerie shops in mixed-sex shopping areas to replace salesmen with women across the kingdom, as part of the drive to provide more jobs for females.

From 22 June, women such as Fardos will no longer be restricted to finding work in small, women- only shopping zones but will become employable in lingerie stores across the kingdom, at least in principle.

The Saudi labour ministry has warned that it will begin inspections to ensure men are not serving customers and those who fail to comply will face fines.

In reality, the edict could be difficult to implement. A survey in Jeddah found that of 247 shops selling lingerie and beauty products, only three employed women.

Once enough women are trained for the shop floor, windows will be blacked out and men will be barred from entering the premises, moves that consumer experts say are not conducive to boosting sales.

The salesmen who risk losing their jobs certainly see no benefits in having women on the shop floor. Samar Masri, a Syrian working in Lailaky Lingerie store in a Jeddah shopping mall, said 70 per cent of his customers were men buying for their wives.

“I think it’s good for a woman to get advice from a salesman. We know what looks good on them,” he said.

But working cheap lingerie sites  women such as Fardos say the presence of women on perfume, make-up and lingerie counters would strengthen the economy by encouraging women – as well as their husbands – to spend.

“Of course it’s embarrassing to speak to a man about intimate things. I don’t like it when I go to a lingerie shop and the salesman tells me what cup size I should buy, or when a man touches my face because he is putting make-up on me,” she said.

There is little doubt over the newconfidence of the modern Saudi women. As young teenagers enter the segregated lift in the Kingdom Tower mall, they discard their headscarves and traditional abayas to reveal jeans and kitten heels.

When it comes to diversity, cheap lingerie sites the fashion world, as a whole, still has a long way to go, especially when it comes to ethnic diversity.

But thankfully, two designers are taking the lead to solve one of the most infuriating problems women of colour face: shopping for underwear.

Read more10 best online lingerie shopsBoth Nubian Skin, launched by Ade Hassan in 2014, and D.Bleu.Bedazzled, created by Destiny Blue, were born out of a frustration with not being able to find skin-toned underwear to match their complexion.

But now, the pair have joined forces to deliver a range of beautifully embellished lingerie to suit all. From deeper complexions to super-pale skin, the range offers up an inclusive selection of nude bras, bottoms and hosiery.

Held at the Sanderson Hotel, cheap lingerie sites models and dancers of all skin tones paraded in the crystal-laden garments which already boast a long list of A-list fans including Beyonce, Jourdan Dunn, Kate Upton and Leomie Anderson.

Scantily clad women may be popular cheap lingerie sites on the walls of art galleries but are apparently unwelcome among the visitors. The Musée d’Orsay is threatening legal action after a publicity stunt by the clothing chain Etam saw models in underwear running through the gallery’s Impressionist collection.

In a video taken last month on a hidden camera and posted to Etam’s website, three women throw off their coats, revealing brightly coloured underwear.

The Musee d’Orsay directors were not informed of the promotional video and filming or photography inside the museum is forbidden without permission. The museum has released a statement saying the filming was “a serious infringement of the Orsay’s rights and the rights of others”.

Guy Cogeval, the museum’s director, has demanded Etam remove the video from its website with the threat of legal action. But it has already gone viral, and can be found on YouTube.

The video shows the models outside the museum on the Left Bank saying they are “going to visit the museum, to have a fashion show there”. When questioned by security guards the models say they are part of a hen party. The museum has expressed concern that the video damages its reputation by implying that it earned money from the stunt.

This is not the first time cheap lingerie sites Etam has sent underwear models to a Parisian landmark to promote collections. In previous videos the same models in underwear skate at the Eiffel Tower’s ice rink and go through security at Charles de Gaulle airport.

Toro Rosso unveiled cheap lingerie sites their latest model, the SRT9, on Monday evening ahead of the first week of pre-season testing in Jerez to draw attention across the globe due to their new ‘anteater’ nose design, but there was one company that noticed a hint of inspiration had come from one of their products.

Lingerie makers Ann Summers took to their Twitter account tocompare the elongated nosecone to one of their sex toy collections,and it has to be said that the resemblance is uncanny.

The post read: “So it looks like Toro Rosso have takeninspiration from our sex toy collections collaborationopportunity”, along with a close-up of the SRT9’s nose (originally taken bymotor racing journalist Adam Cooper.

In a sport of cutting-edge technology, where the differencebetween victory and failure is decided by the slimmest of margins,Toro Rosso are unlikely to have considered during the design phasethat their front-end resembles a fake penis.

7/17 Lotus E22 cheap lingerie sites Lotus launched their 2014 challenger, the E22, on the same day as team principal Eric Boullier left the team, with Gerard Lopez replacing him at the helm. With Romain Grosjean now the team leader, many will be watching how he and livewire Pastor Maldonado get on this year. Thta’s if they turn up, as their absence from Jerez doesn’t bode well


You may associate your cheap lingerie sites favourite fairytale heroines with your childhood, but the likes of Little Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White have shown they have a pretty broad appeal.

So much so, one lingerie company has come up with some bizarre, ‘kinky’ designs inspired by some of our favourite characters.

Felissimo have commissioned bra and pants sets based on both fairy tale and historical figures.

Each character – including Snow White, The Little Mermaid and Red Riding Hood – is said to be designed as an homage to the original traditional costumes.

And while the combination of traditional fairy tales and sexy lingerie may seem a bit of an odd one, the sets have become a huge hit in Japan. Why?

Good question. According to the online retailer, lingerie was commissioned to “celebrate ‘the beauty and power of well-known female figures’. ”

Also in the cheap lingerie sites range is a ‘Cleopatra’ set, apparently ” designed to reflect the glory of ancient Egypt ” and features rhinestones and a fancy gold trim to “illustrate the wealth of the female pharoah “. The Snow White set

Three top British cheap lingerie sites female athletes swapped their sports gear for sexy lingerie in a campaign to ’empower’ young women.

Team GB windsurfer Bryony Shaw, skeet shooter Amber Hill and Paralympian long jumper Stefanie Reid will all be going for gold in Rio .

They are backing a campaign to get girls into sport after research revealed many drop out at school after the age of 13 due to ‘body issues’.

They wanted to show powerful bodies are beautiful – and urged young women not to feel ashamed of being physically strong. Stef Reid, Amber Hill, Bryony Shaw. Three Team GB athletes going for gold in Rio this summer have stripped down to their lingerie to show that a sporty body is a sexy body


Bryony, 32, a bronze medallist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and current European champion, said: “I would always keep my body concealed when I was growing up and especially at school because I was concerned other kids would say: ‘Oh look at her, she looks like a boy.’

“At my school the cool thing for most of the girls aged 13 or 14 was to opt out of sport and they would feign some illness or a headache to get out of it. Amber Hill wants to empower young girls when it comes to body image

“So I was really going against the grain and I got bullied at school for trying to do well at sport . Sport was seen as something that the boys did, not the girls. Read MoreJessica Ennis-Hill backed for Olympic glory after posting best score since London 2012

“The girls were meant to skip the PE class and huddle in corners and gossip.” Stef Reid wants to encourage girls to take up sport

She admitted cheap lingerie sites training meant her biceps and forearms got stronger and she tried to conceal them under her clothes.